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Raising a Sane and Successful Teen:
An Innovative Guide
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Awesome Parent

Nobody is more important in your young person's life than you.

As parents, we know we want to do what is best for our kids. But we often don’t know what that is. If your son or daughter is between 14 and 27 and is struggling or unsure about what they want to do or what their true purpose in life is...

Mary Ann Maggiore can help you.

Working in individual sessions with your young person and in unique workshops with you, Mary Ann will teach your whole family these life-altering tools to

Tap into Their True Dream
Create a Viable Dream Strategy
Ground the Strategy in an Action Plan
Launch Them into Their Exciting Future
For more than 12 years, Mary Ann Maggiore has worked magic with young people. Her approach has been widely successful across the spectrum, working in community programs like Five 4 Five, as well as with individual children and families of affluence.